Pioneer Park



  • Baseball / Softball Field (April through July)
  • Picnic Pavilion with Grill – May be reserved April 1 through October 31
  • Picnic Sites
  • Play Fountain (Memorial Day through Labor Day)
  • Playground
  • Restrooms (year round)
  • Soccer Field (Second week in August – Second week in November)
  • Tennis Courts Two  (CLOSED for construction)

Don’t let the construction signs fool you, this park is open and ready for have fun! The updates are in their final stages.

Pioneer park sits off of Tallie Dr., just down from the Des Peres Dierbergs on Manchester.

This was our fourth visit and we continue to enjoy this park.  There are two playgrounds, a smaller one and a larger one.  However, my boys (ages 3 and 1) were able to play on both playgrounds.  There is rubber flooring throughout the playground and swings area.

The smaller playground features a 360 degree twist slide, tree trunks and a rock for climbing.  In addition, there is a small red pretend play counter/window.

The larger playground features two sectional twist slides, two cargo net climbers, a clubhouse and multiple “natural” features for climbing (i.e., tree trunks and rocks).  The tree trunk climber is the one downside of the park for me because my 3.5 yr old always wants to climb it, but will typically get stuck and requires assistance getting up or down.  However, I think a less cautious child may not have an issue with these.


On a prior visit, there was a circular area filled with pea gravel and two gravel digger toys, however, the pea gravel and digger toys have been removed and replaced with rubber flooring and a rocking see saw added in its place.  This is a major improvement for me because the pea gravel was getting all over the playground area and kids were trying to put it in their eyes, ears or mouths.


The swings sit in close proximity to the two playgrounds and feature two belt swings, two toddler swings and an accessible swing.  Behind the swings is the soccer field, tennis court (still under construction at the time of writing) and a basketball hoop.


This park has year round bathrooms. A major plus in my eyes! (And they were clean!)


There are also two pavilions that can be rented.  One of which has a water spray fountain that can be used during summer months. (Heads up…kids like to play in the fountain and then go down the slides at the playground, making the slides fast)

The ball fields sits next to the playgrounds, which makes it easy for families with multiple kids.  Plus it gives the kids on the playground built-in entertainment!


We give this park a four star rating.  While we love the park and its amenities, it doesn’t keep the boys attention as long as other playgrounds we have visited.

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