Shaw Park

Shaw Park


  • Benches
  • Drinking Fountains
  • Rentable Picnic Sites and two Pavillions
  • Playgrounds
  • Restrooms
  • Walking Trails
  • Mainly rubberized flooring with some concrete surfaces

Shaw Park is an amazing park! We played for two hours and only left to go home for lunch! Thank you so much to Rachel Wildman for the suggestion to visit.

The fenced in playground, Tree Top Playground, was a little hard to find. We eventually found parking in the lot nearest Clayton High School off of Topton Way provided the easiest access to the playground. See the map here: Shaw Park Map.

The Tree Top Playground is perfect for any child, including those who like to run! There are three gates to enter/exit the playground. All gates have a latch about chest high (I’m 5’5″).

There are three different play structures in the fenced area.  The toddler playground is accessible with one sectional slide, a double chute slide, a small tunnel (Owen’s absolute favorite!!), a wave mirror and a steering wheel.  There is a shade canopy and park bench next to the toddler playground.


The larger play structure is also accessible and features various ladders, a rock climber, 2 shaded clubhouses, a sectional twist slide, a metal chute slide, a green plastic chute slide and two sets of monkey bars.

There are numerous activities placed around the playground including the Animal Trackers sound board. **We couldn’t get the sounds to work, which disappointed the boys!


The third play structure is the tree house (WOW!! This was Clayton’s favorite part!). The tree house has a tree trunk tunnel slide (watch out for the littles on this one…our friend’s son got turned around and ended up coming out face first),  a 360 degree twist slide and a clubhouse. The playground is accessible via a ramp, a rock climber or a leaf ladder. There is a hideout under the tree house with a telescope that my 16 month old loved!

The park also features two xylophones (one of the mallets was broken, two see saws, a saucer swing and swingset with two toddler swings, two accessible swings (the boys enjoyed these the most!) and two belt swings.

During the summer months, the park features a splash pad within the fenced in area. I didn’t see a button to turn it on and off, so I wonder if the water stays on continuously.


The park also features two sand volleyball courts, a swimming pool, a ball field, and two pavilions available for rent.

This park is close to downtown Clayton so stopping into Qdoba or one of the other area restaurants for lunch would be very easy!  Plus it is right off of Forest Park Parkway so convenient and quick to access the park.

The second playground location is on the south side of the park next to Forest Park Parkway.  We visited this playground on a recent trip and the boys found lots to do there despite the play equipment being older.  There is also an area devoted to working out near the playground.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed messing around on the equipment….almost more than the play structure. 🙂

The boys and I both give this park a 4.5 star rating (I didn’t give it 5 stars because of the struggle with finding the playground/parking…signage could be so much better)! We will definitely be back!

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